COVID-19 Response: DMEA, Elevate Office Closure

March 16, 2020

March 16, 2020 - Montrose & Delta, CO — In light of the current State of Emergency and increasing number of COVID-19 cases in Colorado, DMEA and Elevate are taking the following steps to help safeguard employees and consumers. Effective today (March 16, 2020), DMEA and Elevate’s office are closed to the public. While no walk-in traffic is permitted, employees are on site to continue providing all essential services. 

We recognize this is a difficult time for us all and some of our members and consumers may be struggling financially. We are committed to working with members and consumers to ensure that everyone has reliable electricity during this state of emergency. Those who are experiencing financial hardship are encouraged to contact DMEA and Elevate immediately.

DMEA and Elevate have also activated its Pandemic Response Team. This team is addressing active and ongoing disease surveillance, workforce protection and management, supply chain management and risks, travel and facility access restrictions, and quarantine measures.

At this time, DMEA and Elevate have implemented the following:

  • As stated above, DMEA and Elevate’s offices are closed to the public until further notice.
  • We are actively monitoring disease progression, state and local responses, supplier and supply chain risks, and prevention and containment measures.
  • We are communicating best practices for protecting employee health.
  • Employees who are ill or who have infected family in their home have been directed to stay home.
  • We have implemented employee travel restrictions and are requiring anyone having traveled to or through any high-threat areas to self-quarantine for 14 days.
  • We already have in place systems for remote video meetings and are using these technologies to reduce face-to-face interactions as needed.
  • We have developed a telecommuting procedure that is being enacted as needed to further protect our employees and limit in-person contact.
  • We have identified essential staff members whose jobs are critically important to DMEA and Elevate’s continued ability to provide electricity and internet service to our communities. Unless circumstances dictate otherwise, these essential personnel will be available and on premises for work during a pandemic. In extreme cases, “essential” personnel may be limited and may be directed to work in rotating shifts in order to reduce exposure.
  • In the event we become too short staffed to handle the volume of calls received, we will use our automated phone system to notice callers that we are experiencing high call volumes and to direct phone traffic as needed.

DMEA and Elevate will continue to serve the communities via the following established systems that allow all necessary services to be conducted online or by phone:

How to pay your bill:

Access your account 24/7/365 online:

Call our offices and use a secure phone payment system:

  • DMEA -  877-6873632
  • Elevate - 844-386-8744

Drop your payment off at one of the following places:

  • Montrose
    Both City Markets
  • Paonia
    Don’s Market
  • Cedaredge
    Cedaredge Mercantile
  • DMEA Offices
    Outside either local office

Use a self-serve kiosk:

  • Located in the vestibules of each DMEA office and the Hotchkiss Chamber of Commerce Info Booth.

How to report an outage or internet service issue

  • For electric service issues or to report an outage, call DMEA at 877-687-3632. To report an internet service issue or get in touch with tech support, call Elevate at 844-386-8744.

The board and staff of DMEA and Elevate are taking the COVID-19 threat seriously and are taking any reasonable measure to prepare and mitigate its impact. As the threat of COVID-19 changes daily, DMEA and Elevate’s pandemic response efforts can progress rapidly.