DMEA board of directors

Meet Your Board Representatives

DMEA members elect a board of directors, which govern the cooperative on the members' behalf.

DMEA’s board of directors is made up of nine members from all parts of the service territory. The board also hires a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to carry out the objectives of the board and to supervise the staff and employee group. Each year, there is an election to determine representatives for three of DMEA’s nine board districts. All members may vote for any candidate regardless of the district in which they reside. Voted ballots must be returned by mail, or members can vote in person at DMEA’s Annual Meeting.

Read DMEA Board Policy 107: Board of DirectorsRead DMEA Board Policy 109: Directors Compensation

The DMEA Board typically meets the 4th Tuesday monthly.

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Headshot of Ryan Sedgeley, District 1 Board Director

Ryan Sedgeley, District 1
Headshot of Steve Metheny

Steve Metheny, District 2
Headshot of Jacob Gray

Jacob Gray, District 3

Board Assistant Secretary/Treasurer
Headshot of Emily Sanchez

Emily Sanchez, District 4
Headshot of Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams, District 5

Board Secretary/Treasurer
Headshot of Damon Lockhart

Damon Lockhart, District 6
Headshot of Enno Heuscher

Enno Heuscher, District 7
Headshot of Stacia Cannon

Stacia Cannon, North Region

Board President
Headshot of Jock Fleming

Jock Fleming, South Region

Board Vice-President