New construction

Building your dream home?

We get it, Western Colorado is a pretty great place to call home. If you’re getting ready to break ground on new construction or planning an addition that might require an upgrade to your electric service, use the links below to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for service?

Call DMEA at 877-687-3632. A phone call is all that is needed to get the process started. We will ask you some questions and ask that you complete a Request for DMEA System Design Services with a list of items that we need in order to insure that your service will be designed to fit your needs (also available online at

A completed Request for DMEA System Design Services along with a $350 design fee will secure your spot in the design queue for a site visit. You can stop your local DMEA office to speak to one of our customer service representatives and turn in your completed application and fee.

When should I apply for a new service?

Call us after you own the property and have determined the need for a new electric service or service upgrade. Working upfront with your builder and/or electrician to determine construction details before contacting us will save you time and money by reducing DMEA design time and avoiding expensive changes. Due to the unusually high volume of construction in our service territory, DMEA is currently estimating that new residential services may take as long as 6 to 8 weeks for design and construction. Jobs requiring redesign, complex projects, commercial projects and subdivisions may take longer. Once a job is designed and paid in full, it will be sent to DMEA Operations for installation. One of our crew foreman will then contact you to schedule the work.

Where can I find more information on DMEA’s construction services?

Download DMEA's New Construction Handbook.

If I need to cross my neighbor’s property to get power installed, how do I get an easement?

DMEA is happy to prepare easement documents for you to present to your neighbor, and will be happy to answer questions as they arise. However, you are responsible for taking care of obtaining an easement from your neighbors.

If I am working out of my home, will I be billed on a residential or commercial rate?

DMEA will assess each situation separately to determine the rate class. However, if the meter is under a business name it will be billed commercial. If we confirm that your electric use is 50% or more residential AND it is under a member’s name, it will be billed as residential.

Will DMEA upgrade my service from overhead to underground?

Changes of service made at your request are your financial responsibility. If you choose to remove your overhead service and reconstruct it underground, an Application for New Service is required along with the $350 design fee. DMEA System Designers will then schedule a time to design your underground service.

Do I really need the State Electrical Inspector to inspect my service?

Yes, for your safety anytime there is a new service installation or change in wiring on the customer’s side of the meter, the State Electrical Inspector is required by law to inspect your service before DMEA can install/re-install a meter. Your electrician is familiar with the Electrical Inspector in your area and should call them to schedule an inspection. Also, when a service has been disconnected for more than 6 months a state electrical inspection is required before DMEA will re-install a meter.

Who do I call to request removal an old electric service from my property?

Call DMEA at 877-687-3632 to speak to one of our Customer Service Representatives. Service wires, poles, transformers and meters are typically owned by DMEA. When DMEA determines that those services are no longer needed, DMEA may decide to remove them from the property. To complete the process, the landowner is requested to review and sign an Idle Service Retirement Agreement acknowledging ownership of the property and requesting removal of an idle/abandoned service.