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Kickstart home energy savings

Ready to make your home more energy efficient and save money on your bill? Like every good journey, you’ll need a map to guide you. That’s exactly what a home energy audit does. DMEA offers free walk-through audits for members. Our energy experts will evaluate your home with efficiency and savings in mind and provide you with the steps you can take to start saving energy.

Your DMEA energy audit may include the following:
  • Infrared camera – Identifies spots in your home where you could be wasting energy due to air leaks.
  • Walk through evaluation – Identifies the low and no-cost steps you can take to start shaving those kilowatt hours off your bill.
Rod Geiger
Energy Services Specialist

Free home weatherization

DMEA, the Colorado Energy Office, and Housing Resources of Western Colorado have partnered to provide low-income DMEA members with free weatherization services.

Eligible members will receive a comprehensive energy audit on their home to determine the needed improvements and the improvements will be made free of charge. Weatherization improvements can include, but are not limited to: insulation, duct sealing, appliance replacements, lighting upgrades, and furnace replacements.

Lanell Mathis
Housing Resources of Western Colorado
524 30 Road, Suite 3
Grand Junction, CO 81504

Tell us more about how you use electricity

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Home energy monitors

Home energy monitors, also called Kill-A-Watt meters, are available to DMEA members for check out through the public libraries within the co-op’s service territory. The devices can be checked out like other library materials. They plug into 110-volt home appliances and other electronics and help you determine how much energy an appliance is using and the resulting cost.

The Kill-A-Watt meter displays consumption by the kilowatt-hour, as well as voltage (V), line current (Hz), current (I) and more. The meters are available for checkout at the following libraries:

Home energy monitor

Montrose Regional Library
320 S. 2nd St., Montrose, CO

Delta County Public Library
124 E 6th St., Delta, CO

Cedaredge Public Library
180 SW 6th Ave., Cedaredge, CO

Hotchkiss Public Library
149 E. Main St., Hotchkiss, CO

Paonia Public Library
80 Samuel Wade Rd., Paonia, CO

Crawford Community Library
545 CO 92, Crawford, CO

If you have questions about checking out the monitors please contact us.