Powerful Partners Keeping the Lights On

February 15, 2021

As mother nature’s icy grip keeps much of the nation under a blanket of snow and ice, DMEA members can take comfort in knowing that full power continues to flow into the local communities, keeping lights ablaze and families warm.

“We are grateful to our power supply partner Guzman Energy for steadily delivering safe and reliable power to us and our members. Weather systems, like yesterday’s heavy snowfall, always create an increased demand on the electric grid, and I’m proud to say, together with Guzman, we delivered on our commitment,” said Jasen Bronec, DMEA Chief Executive Officer. 

While Guzman Energy kept maximum power flowing to DMEA, the hazardous weather did result in localized power interruptions. Wet heavy snow resulted in approximately 10 small but long outages yesterday—auto accidents involving DMEA power poles and equipment often the common culprit. DMEA crews responded swiftly with restoration efforts spanning from the early morning hours, around 2:40 a.m., through mid-afternoon. In total, just 101 of DMEA’s 36,000 members experienced power interruptions, however, weather and poor visibility extended the outage times, as is often the case in winter.

“Delivering reliable and safe electricity starts with a dependable power supply, like what we have from Guzman Energy, and ends with our skilled journeyman linemen who work to maintain and fix the power lines running to local homes and businesses. I can’t begin to express the gratitude I feel for both our crews who respond at all hours, in any type of weather and the members who show us grace and patience during outages,” said Bronec. 

With the cold snap and potential for additional snow forecasted throughout the week, DMEA and Guzman remain committed to ensuring power is at full capacity across the region. Therefore, DMEA is suspending all service disconnections to members through Sunday, February 21, 2021. While DMEA and Guzman will continue to do everything possible to keep the lights on, significant weather events that impact large swaths of the country can cause major transmission outages nationwide. These events are outside of the control of DMEA or Guzman and have the potential to result in power interruptions for local citizens.

DMEA offers the following safety tips for members, which can both help prevent and lessen the impact of winter outages.

  1. Drive carefully. Auto accidents involving DMEA power poles and equipment are some of the scariest, but common, causes of outages. If you must drive during bad weather, please do so with caution. If you are involved in an auto accident involving DMEA equipment, stay in your vehicle, warn others to stay away, and call DMEA and 911 immediately.
  2. Stock up on a few outage essentials such as flashlights and batteries, books, and board games. 
  3. Consider purchasing a portable power bank to charge your cell phone if necessary. They can be charged using your computer or outlet and be at the ready if the lights go out. 
  4. Conserve heat by keeping your doors and windows shut. Draw your curtains closed as well to keep heat from escaping. Layer your clothing and use blankets for extended outages.
  5. Food will be fine in a standard refrigerator/freezer for at least four hours and a deep freeze anywhere from 24 to 48 hours. In this case, the cold weather can help out—simply put your food in coolers or containers and stick them out your back door to take advantage of the cold temps. 

“Our hearts go out to those who are struggling with outages and rolling blackouts due to power shortages and are thankful for Guzman’s commitment to our communities. We remain at full capacity and want to remind our members we are here to help if they are having trouble paying their bills,” said Bronec.

Members struggling to pay their electric bills are encouraged to contact DMEA immediately. There are numerous assistance programs available for those in need. Contact DMEA at 877-687-3632 or csrs@dmea.com

About Delta-Montrose Electric Association 
Delta-Montrose Electric Association is a member-owned and locally controlled rural electric cooperative, incorporated in 1938. Located in Southwest Colorado, DMEA energizes and serves 28,000 members in Montrose, Delta and Gunnison counties. DMEA is a progressive and forward-thinking electrical distribution cooperative. To learn more, visit dmea.com.

About Guzman Energy 

Guzman Energy is a full-service wholesale power provider focused on providing market-based solutions to address our customers’ energy challenges by delivering reliable, clean and affordable power. We work closely with communities to identify their initial and ongoing energy goals and customize solutions based on increased economic competitiveness and sustainability. Our platform is leading a transformation from the legacy energy economy to the renewable and distributed age. To learn more, visit www.guzmanenergy.com.