Election Update to Joint Memberships

May 27, 2022

DMEA joint memberships recently received a ballot for DMEA’s 2022 Board of Directors Election. There was a mailing error regarding joint DMEA memberships. 

If a DMEA account is a joint membership, either individual listed on the account may vote. However, due to a database error, joint membership ballots were addressed to only the primary account holder. The instructions on the ballot also state, “The member signature on this envelope must match the name listed in the address below.” 

DMEA has corrected the database and is working with our election vendor to ensure any ballot signed by a joint account holder will be considered valid and counted. If a joint account holder signs and returns a completed ballot, the vote will be counted. 

If you have questions about your ballot, please contact Becky Mashburn at becky.mashburn@dmea.com or 970-240-1263.