DMEA Moves Local Grid to Fire Prevention Mode

June 15, 2021

Fire prevention procedures in effect.

June 15, 2021 — Due to extraordinarily high temperatures and dry weather, Delta-Montrose Electric Association (DMEA) put in effect its fire prevention procedures. The precautionary measures rely more heavily on fieldwork by operations personnel and less on the use of DMEA’s automated and remotely controlled equipment. This special mode of operations greatly reduces the risk of a fire being started by electrical equipment but does come with ramifications: DMEA members may experience longer than normal power outages. 
“Our fire precaution procedures can extend the length of power outages in some cases. For instance, under normal circumstances, we can reconnect equipment remotely from our office. In fire prevention mode, we require our crew members to have eyes on the equipment before any attempt at restoration. This reduces our fire risk, but does take more time,” explained Troy Hall, DMEA Operations Manager. 
DMEA asks for member patience and, when necessary, cooperation. It’s especially important for members to report any issues or damage to DMEA immediately.  In many cases, a single phone call can save hours of searching by helping the co-op narrow its focus and pinpoint the cause of an outage. DMEA asks members who observe anything that seems out of the ordinary concerning power lines or power equipment to:
1) first and foremost–stay clear of the area in question;
2) call DMEA’s main number at 877-687-3632 to report the situation. 
“Providing safe and reliable power to our members is our number one priority. But, outages will happen and members should always be prepared – weather, wildlife, cars hitting poles, and the like can all result in outages,” said Hall.  “We ask for our members’ patience and assistance as we reduce fire risk and hopefully get through this time safely.”
DMEA will return to normal operating procedures when the fire danger rating decreases to a safe level. DMEA reminds members to always report outages by calling 877-687-3632. Members are urged to report all outages and not rely on others to call in. Email and social media are not reliable for reporting outages, as they are not continuously monitored.