Public Service Announcement: DMEA Conducting Aggressive Tree Trimming Along Hwy 133

June 25, 2021


Beginning Monday, June 28, 2021, DMEA’s tree trimming crews will be working along CO State Highway 133, between Paonia Reservoir and the base of McClure Pass. The work is necessary to reduce hazardous fuels, such as juniper and oak brush, and reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire caused by trees and shrubs contacting the energized lines. It is expected to take multiple months to complete the work. DMEA will be conducting the following work within its power line rights-of-way:

  • Trimming trees growing into and near power lines
  • Removing hazardous trees growing near power lines
  • Removing brush and other vegetation obstructing our ground equipment

DMEA will be working within its legal rights-of-way to conduct the above work. The co-op requires 15-25’ clearance between its power lines and encroaching trees for safety and reliability. Trees that grow too close to DMEA’s power lines can result in power outages for members, as well as hazardous conditions for its crews. Maintaining proper clearance around power lines and other equipment is absolutely necessary to provide safe and reliable electric service.

Members are reminded to NEVER trim any tree that could come in contact with a DMEA power line themselves. It is dangerous and against both State and Federal regulations. 

Learn more about DMEA’s tree trimming practices.