DMEA Inspecting Pole Attachments

April 16, 2021

Next week, starting April 19, Delta-Montrose Electric Association (DMEA) will begin inspecting and recording all telecommunication attachments on its power poles. The work will take place across the co-op’s entire service territory in Montrose and Delta counties and is expected to last until October 2021.

DMEA is contracting with Osmose to conduct the work. During the inspection process, Osmose inspectors may need to enter members’ properties to access the co-op’s power poles. In addition to inspecting the condition of the telecommunication equipment and cables attached to the power poles, the inspectors will also catalog these items by taking photos.

All Osmose vehicles will be marked and identified with DMEA contractor labels. DMEA asks for its members’ cooperation in allowing contractors access to poles located on private property. Over the next six months, DMEA and Osmose will inspect approximately 40,000 poles.

For more information about DMEA’s pole inspection process or property access, contact Nathan Trujillo (970) 497-8741 or