DMEA Fills Board of Director Vacancies

November 30, 2021

Appointments made to Vacancies in District 3 and District 5

November 30, 2021 — Tonight, at their regularly scheduled November meeting, the DMEA Board of Directors appointed Jacob Gray and Kevin Williams to fill the vacant district 3 and 5 board seats. They were selected from more than 15 member candidates who submitted interest in the two open positions. 
“On behalf of DMEA’s Board of Directors, I’d like to thank all of our applicants. It was a talented pool and a tough decision. We are excited for what Jacob and Kevin will bring to our membership,” said DMEA Board President Kyle Martinez.
District 3 – Jacob Gray
Gray has served on several boards, including his current roles on the Rocky Mountain Farmer’s Union and the Delta County Planning Commission. Throughout his tenure on these boards, Gray has learned the importance of engaging the communities he serves. In addition to his board service, Gray owns two small agricultural ventures, Diamond G Poultry and Gray Acres
District 5 – Kevin Williams
Williams is a 1985 graduate of the University of Idaho with a Master’s Degree in Forest Resources. In 2019, Williams retired as a full-time employee after 35 years with the Western Organization of Resource Councils (WORC)  where he served in various roles, including Community Organizer and Executive Director for Western Colorado Alliance, as well as the Regional Organizer for WORC.
Williams and Gray will join DMEA’s nine-member board to help govern the cooperative on the members’ behalf.  As a board member, he will represent the needs and interests of DMEA’s 30,000+ membership. DMEA’s Board of Directors meets monthly to review the financial state of the cooperative, discuss policies, evaluate new opportunities, and address issues the co-op may be facing.
More information about DMEA’s Board of Directors appointees can be found online at