Incumbent Candidates Retain DMEA Board Seats

June 17, 2022

June 17, 2022 — Delta-Montrose Electric Association’s (DMEA) 2022 Board of Directors Election concluded yesterday, June 16, 2022, with three incumbent candidates retaining their seats for another three-year term.

Members re-elected Jacob Gray in District 3, Ken Watson in District 4, and Jock Fleming in the South Region. Survey and Ballot Systems conducted the elections and ballot tabulation. The final vote is as follows:

District 3

Jacob Gray – 1,648
Allen “Mike” Atwood – 1,130

District 4

Ken Watson – 1,722
Tom Y. Sawyer – 1,043

South Region

Jock Fleming - 1,896
Ross Carder - 879

Of the 29,626 ballots mailed to DMEA members, a total of 2,863 member votes were cast for a return rate of 9.66%. Of these votes, 2,840 were submitted by mail and 56 were cast in person at DMEA’s Annual Meeting or deposited in DMEA’s ballot drop boxes.