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Thursday 08 Oct 2015
Rebates Print E-mail

If you're in the market for a new home appliance, be sure to take advantage of DMEA's home appliance rebates. Many new ENERGY STAR® qualified home appliances are eligible for a generous rebate thanks to DMEA and our wholesale power provider, Tri-State Generation andTransmission Association.

Rebates are available on ENERGY STAR® refrigerators, freezers, clothes washers, and dishwashers. Certain restrictions apply (see chart below).


ENERGY STAR® qualified appliances incorporate advanced technologies that use 10-50 percent less energy and water than standard models. Since home appliances can account for roughly 25 percent of your electric bill, selecting energy saving appliances can save up to $75 a year.

In addition to a $40 rebate on the purchase of an ENERGY STAR® refrigerator or freezer, DMEA members can receive an additional $60 rebate if their older unit is permanently disabled. The evacuation of the unit's refrigerant by an authorized business or technician helpsensure the inefficient unit cannot be resold and reinstalledon the system.

DMEA also offers rebates on electric water heaters with a lifetime warranty, such as the Marathon Water Heater.

DMEA's rebate program was designed to help members save money on their electric bill, while also removing inefficient appliances from our lines. Older appliances contribute greatly to the co-op's expensive peak power demand.


$40 for the purchase of an ENERGY STAR® qualified refrigerator or freezer.

$60 for the proper disposal and evacuation of customer's older model refrigerator or freezer.*


* Evacuation must be performed by an authorized business or technician. A signed disposal statement and proof must accompany rebate request.


$40 for the purchase of an ENERGY STAR® qualified clothes washer. All rebate requests must be accompanied by a receipt that includes model number. 


$30 for the purchase of an ENERGY STAR® qualified dishwasher.


Domestic Water Heaters (must be lifetime warranted. Minimum size 40 gallon capacity).

Water Heater - Rebate Up To $150

Rebates must be submitted to DMEA within 180 days of purchase. Receipts for water heaters must be submitted at the same time. All rebate requests must be accompanied by a receipt that includes model number. DMEA reserves the right to audit any water heater purchase. Only DMEA members are eligible to receive rebates.

Starting January 1, 2012 DMEA will credit members electric bill for rebates of $150.00 or less. For rebates of $150.00 or more, please allow 6-8 weeks to receive your rebate. 

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