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Montrose Middle School Teachers Headed for 3D Experience

Centennial Middle School Receives DMEA Educational Grant
Delta-Montrose Electric Association (DMEA) presented Centennial Middle School Science teachers, Meghan Waschbusch and Chris Thompson, with a $1,250 educational grant for the purchase of a 3D printer. After recently being designated a school of innovation, Centennial Middle School has embarked on an effort to provide comprehensive STEM curriculum to their students.

“In a STEM classroom, the learning is hands-on, minds-on, and collaborative. Students are asked to solve real-world problems utilizing real-world skills. The approach honors the creativity and inspiration involved in problem solving, critical thinking, and physical creation,” said Waschbusch

The 3D printer will supplement the school’s Applied Engineering and Design class, allowing the teachers to create a makerspace for their middle school students. Through the class, students are immersed in the engineering process from the design, to prototyping, to testing, and to the manufacturing process. The 3D printer will allow students to see their designs become physical creations.

“We all know that access to the best equipment and training helps us do our jobs better. It’s no different for students. Our educational grants can help connect local students with the best and most modern tools, improving their learning experiences and providing opportunities to test their abilities,” said Jasen Bronec, DMEA CEO.

DMEA’s educational grants are made possible through the co-op’s unclaimed capital credit fund. As a not-for-profit cooperative, DMEA is owned by the members it serves. Therefore, DMEA’s electric rates are set at a level to recoup the costs of operating the cooperative. Any revenue collected during the year, over and above these costs, is considered margins, which are allocated back to the members as capital credits. In some cases, members can’t be reached to receive their capital credits. That money then goes into a fund called the unclaimed capital credits fund.  Educational grants are just one method that DMEA uses to make sure that unclaimed capital credits go back into our communities and to our members.

Contact Becky at or (970) 240-1263 for more information about DMEA’s educational grants.




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