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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27, 2018 – DMEA’s internet subsidiary, Elevate Fiber, has hired a respected national research firm (Pivot Group) to survey members in Montrose and Delta counties over the next several weeks. Members may receive an email or a phone call from Pivot Group, and Elevate thanks you in advance for your participation.


The survey is being conducted for research purposes only. The information gathered will be kept anonymous by Pivot (no names, address, etc. will be shared with Elevate). Anyone who participates does not have to worry about being added to additional call/email lists and should know that none of the information will be sold.


Elevate Fiber is conducting this survey to better understand their consumers' internet use and satisfaction. Elevate, powered by DMEA, strives to deliver the absolute best and put members’ interests first, and hopes to gain insights from this survey to improve service to Montrose and Delta counties. If you have questions regarding this survey or validity please contact Elevate Fiber or DMEA at 877-687-3632.


About Pivot Group: Pivot Group conducts proprietary studies throughout the US to better understand markets and customer needs when it comes to internet and cable services. We use the information to develop reports and support our consultation services. We never disclose or share the names of people who participate in our studies. For questions about the survey itself, if a survey request is received, please email



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