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Customer Privacy Policy

Elevate Fiber and Customer Privacy


As the name “Elevate” suggests, we believe internet service providers should be held to a higher standard. And that includes how we handle customer information and protect customer privacy.

Elevate’s policy is simple: Unless required by law, customer data stays private. This includes information about how our customers use the Elevate network, the services they subscribe to, the numbers they dial, web browsing history, app usage information, and location data. Elevate will not share, rent, or sell this customer information to any third party. Period.

We use customer account information for internal purposes only and to communicate with you about the services you receive and related products and services available. If you don’t want communications about these products or services, opting out is easy: just let us know. Elevate employees and anyone else providing any service to Elevate must abide by this privacy policy.

We know that our customers have options when it comes to internet service providers. Protecting your privacy makes good common sense, but also good business sense. And our privacy policy is just one of the many reasons we’re your trusted internet provider. Thanks for choosing Elevate.  

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