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JANUARY 23, 2019 - Yesterday, the Colorado Energy Office filed a motion to intervene on DMEA's case before the Colorado Public Utilities Commission. Per their filing, the CEO has a statutory mandate to:

"(a) Sustain the Colorado energy economy and promote all Colorado energy; (b) Promote economic development in Colorado through energy-market advances that create jobs; (c) Encourage Colorado-based clean and innovative energy solutions that include traditional, clean, and renewable energy sources in order to encourage a cleaner and balanced energy portfolio; (d) Promote energy efficiency; (e) Increase energy security; (f) Lower long-term consumer costs; and (g) Protect the environment." 

As such, they are state "[…] DMEA is not an individual and the issues raised by this proceeding will affect more than just DMEA as a member of Tri-State. DMEA serves approximately 28,000 members in Delta, Montrose, and Gunnison Counties. The outcome of this proceeding will determine whether these 28,000 customers must remain tied to the wholesale rates and generation mix of Tri-State or set the just and reasonable price that these 28,000 customers must pay to be relieved of those obligations. […] CEO works with communities in Delta, Montrose, and Gunnison Counties and DMEA to promote “clean and renewable energy,” “energy efficiency technologies and practices,” and “energy storage systems.”  These changes may only be possible if the Commission sets a just and reasonable charge for DMEA to withdraw from Tri-State.

Below is a statement from your co-op CEO, Jasen Bronec regarding this big news:

“DMEA recognizes the significance of  the Colorado Energy Office seeking to participate in this proceeding before the Public Utilities Commission on behalf of the Governor and the entire state. We greatly appreciate the Colorado Energy Office’s focus on addressing long-term energy costs and economic development for rural Coloradans. Stable long-term electricity costs and rural economic development are at the heart of DMEA’s case before the Commission.”  

Read the Colorado Energy Office's Motion to Intervene here.



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