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JANUARY 18, 2019 - DMEA responds to Tri-State's efforts to remove exit charge case from the Colorado Public Utilities Commission.

On January 15, 2019, Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association (Tri-State) filed a lawsuit in the District Court in Adams County, seeking declaratory judgment concerning DMEA's efforts to withdraw from membership. Here's what your co-op CEO, Jasen Bronec has to say:

“Tri-State has made it clear that they would like to take our case away from the Public Utilities Commission, which is charged with protecting the public interest, and that is unfortunate. While Tri-State was announcing its lawsuit against us, our request to the PUC for a fair exit charge received a high-profile endorsement. In a letter written to the Public Utilities Commission, more than 50 current state legislators asked the PUC to "strongly consider exercising its jurisdiction under Colorado law and setting an exit charge fair to both DMEA and Tri-State's remaining members.

This bipartisan letter was signed by leadership in both the House and Senate, and included all of our local legislators. We sincerely appreciate the legislators’ input and think it shows the level of support we have in making sure rural Coloradans have access to less expensive and more diverse local power generation.”

Read the letter submitted by Colorado legislators to the Public Utilities Commission supporting DMEA's efforts to obtain a just, reasonable, and non-discriminatory exit charge from Tri-State.




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